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Grow your people,
grow your business.

Ideal promotional, seasonal, customer, or employee gifts – all tailor-made to suit your needs and wishes. Apart from customization, we respond quickly and are able to deliver the products on short notice, due to working with suppliers in our vicinity.


The maître chocolatier at Favarger use artisanal methods to create unforgettable chocolate for the eyes and taste buds. Each piece of chocolate we produce embodies decades of experience, refinement and tradition.

Success today depends more on your people – than ever before

200 years of tradition

With almost 200 years of chocolate-making experience and tradition, Favarger remains the go-to chocolate supplier for Swiss and international companies.

The very best of Swiss chocolate

The true emblem of Swiss chocolate, our manufacture in Versoix merges artisanal and traditional know-how to offer you the best of Swiss chocolate.

A chocolate factory with a rich history

A well-known Swiss brand

Tailor-made products

Customizable products

Made entirely in Switzerland

Customizable and tailor-made products

Get the company logo printed on any of our products and make other alterations according to your wishes. We also offer tailor-made products, and we will gladly help you come up with the best sweet gifts to represent your company.

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