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The Favarger history

What Favarger stands for

We’ve been making chocolate in Geneva in the same way for 200 years. Our philosophy is straightforward and effective:

  • real people making real chocolate
  • using the best ingredients the world has to offer



Nougalines came to be in 1932. Another specialty from the Favarger that combines three textures to create harmony. A creamy praline paste is encased in crunchy nougatine shells, and covered with a delicate layer of milk chocolate. The result? A unique texture that was an instant hit and moved on to become a true classic.



Created back in 1922, Avelines soon became a Favarger symbol. The name comes from the Spanish word avellana, meaning hazelnut, and the magic comes from three fundamental recipes: milk, dark, and praline. Cocoa couverture, fresh Swiss milk, hazelnuts, almonds and Madagascan vanilla joined with our know-how equal the iconic Avelines!


The Versoix factory

The move to Versoix was a milestone for Favarger. The old yellow factory still stands today, serving as a reminder to the promise made long ago - the production of the finest artisanal chocolate, from bean to bar.


The Favarger Ethos

High standards, an appreciation for both tradition and innovation, the courage to try new things. These features make the Favarger Manufacture stand out, and they have been honoured by all our chocolatiers throughout generations. Favarger kept its legacy and know-how by passing it onto new generations, weaving it into new products and combining it with innovation.