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ETH Chocolate Smart Contracts - Ethereum in Swiss Milk Chocolate
19.90 CHF
Checkmark ETH disks in delicious chocolate form
Checkmark Chocolate fuel for late nights writing smart contracts
Checkmark wagmi

contract ChocolateETH {

You're a discerning, digitally native crypto enthusiast, not content with resting on your laurels. You see the bigger picture from stodgy maximalist cranks who insist on only storing digital gold. That's why you'll get this box of delicious handmade Swiss Milk Chocolate ETH disks to snack on while you git push your latest change to the DAO.

This box set is perfect if you're an Ethereum enthusiast, fluent in Solidity. You will appreciate the composability of these chocolate disks - they're all exactly the same so you can order them however you like.

#WeAcceptCrypto - if you are ready to deploy the future of web3 fueled by the rush of sugary energy from our indulgent creamy Swiss Milk Chocolate disks, handmade in Geneva, we will be more than happy to take your Gwei as payment. Will it be worth it? We think so: For now, our cost-basis is still denominated in government altcoins like EUR or CHF. You can therefore probably expect inflation to tick the price of this chocolate box higher over time as the money printer keeps going brrrrr and until our suppliers switch to hard currencies like ETH. So buy now to save on gas and lock in the value!

Our delicious and creamy milk chocolate cryptocurrency disks, handmade in Geneva, Switzerland, will fill you with the warm certainty that wagmi.

14 pieces in total.