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66% Dark Chocolate Macadamia - 600g
83.00 CHF
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Checkmark Freshly roasted Australian Macadamias
Checkmark Real 66% dark chocolate enrobing & cocoa powder sprinkles
Checkmark Beautiful reusable tinplate packaging


The king of nuts from Australia marries a rich, caramelized flavor with our signature 66% dark chocolate, dusted with pure cocoa powder. We keep things simple and allow both the flavor of the rich dark chocolate and the fruity nut inside to come through. The naturally sweet kick of macadamia goes well with the intensity of a slightly bitter 66% dark chocolate.

Each one is hand-panned in Geneva, Switzerland and carefully placed in a beautiful tinplate can. To finish? A sprinkle of real cocoa powder to dust your fingers with when you’re done. Our classic 66% dark is perfect for friends who prefer the full richness of cocoa flavors as well as people who are discovering their taste in chocolate, without being too intense and bitter. Paired with macadamias, it makes for a perfect gift for dark chocolate first-timers.