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Blue-Chip Chocolate Cryptos - Bitcoin and Ethereum in Swiss Milk Chocolate
19.90 CHF
Checkmark Vintage blue-chip cryptos in delicious chocolate form
Checkmark A rapidly depreciating edible asset you can purchase with the world's most valuable rapidly appreciating digital assets
Checkmark Probably nothing


Bitcoin and Ethereum are heralding in a new era of wealth transfer and value creation in an exciting digital future. What better way to commemorate this momentous time in history than by purchasing chocolates that will be too delicious to HODL? This box set is perfect if you're a crypto enthusiast with a diverse portfolio - you generally just believe in the optimistic future of the decentralized web and digital hard money.

#WeAcceptCrypto - if you are degen enough to spend BTC or ETH on these Chocolate Coins we will be more than happy to take them as payment. Will it be worth it? We think so: For now, our cost-basis is still denominated in government altcoins like EUR or CHF. You can therefore probably expect inflation to tick the price of this chocolate box higher over time as the money printer keeps going brrrrr and until our suppliers switch to hard currencies like BTC or ETH. So buy now to lock in the value!

You can trade the BTC/ETH cross all day but nothing will give you the same satisfaction as eating the BTC/ETH chocolate cross with our delicious and creamy milk chocolate cryptocurrency disks, handmade in Geneva, Switzerland.

14 pieces in total, 7 of each currency.