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The high quality standards for all the ingredients used in the Favarger

Manufacture guarantee an outstanding aroma of our products. Favarger commits to producing artisanal chocolate of the

highest quality by controlling 100 % of the manufacturing processes, from the selection of raw materials to the finished product.


Favarger Avelines were created back in 1922, soon becoming a symbol of the Favarger Manufacture. Later, they would go on to become one of our most iconic products.

Etymologically-speaking, the name comes from the Spanish word avellana, which means hazelnut. The delicious blend Favarger Avelines are made of combines the most refined ingredients to create a timeless classic.

The Avelines Edition is based on three fundamental recipes: milk, dark, and praline chocolate. Each of these recipes respects the origins and authenticity of the ingredients used. Carefully selected cocoa beans of the best origins are traditionally used as the base of our cocoa paste, which is made entirely in our Manufacture. Swiss whole milk, hazelnuts, almonds and Madagascan Bourbon vanilla come together to create the incomparable flavour of Avelines. The delicacy and elegance of the chocolate blends with the subtle crunchiness of almonds and results in the magical taste of these iconic pralines.



The Nougalines bites became a part of the Favarger range in 1932, and went on to boost the Manufacture’s success even more.

A pure sweet delight and one of Favarger Manufacturer’s exclusive specialities, our Nougalines harmoniously combine three textures. An ever-so creamy hazelnut and almond, or walnut praline paste is delicately encased by two crunchy hazelnut or walnut-flavoured nougatine shells, then expertly covered with a delicate layer of extra-fine milk chocolate. The harmony of crunchiness and creaminess in this Favarger speciality give it a unique and incomparable flavour.

Chocolate Spreads and Fondue

The Favarger range includes traditionally made spreads, a fun and original way to enjoy fine Swiss chocolate. Our healthy and delicious spreads are a perfect fit for all generations, as they are free from palm oil, soy lecithin and additives.

Two exclusive spread recipes from our range will delight all chocolate lovers. The delicious Fine Hazelnuts chocolate praline spread is made with  37 % hazelnuts, has a delightfully smooth texture and an unforgettable taste. The Traditional praline spread offers a one-of-a-kind, deliciously crunchy texture. It is prepared using vintage-style praline and traditional methods. The almonds (21 %) and hazelnuts (24 %) are caramelized then ground in a granite stone grinder that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century.

Chocolate enthusiasts can also enjoy the delicious dark chocolate fondue from the Favarger Manufacture. This fondue is an absolute treat when paired with fruit, meringues, or soft marshmallows. The intense aroma of fine dark chocolate is emphasised when paired with different textures. The Favarger fondue is a highly-original way to enjoy Favarger chocolate.