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Exceptional Swiss chocolate

For almost two hundred years, Favarger has strives to make exceptional Swiss chocolate. Far from industrial standards and yields, our Versoix Manufacture respects strong criteria and commitments to offer you the best of Swiss chocolate. Even today, we manufacture our chocolate in an artisanal and semi-artisanal way. From roasting to conching and grinding, we ensure optimal quality so that we can offer you exceptional Swiss chocolate.
The exception is reflected first of all by an attachment to the terroir. Our chocolate is deeply rooted in Switzerland. Located in the center of Geneva and then in Versoix, our Chocolate Factory has been an emblem of the Canton of Geneva for almost two centuries.
The exception then translates into high quality products. The milk and beet sugar in particular are Swiss. Our cocoa beans are carefully chosen and roasted within our Manufacture, just like the hazelnuts and almonds that are used in our recipes.
After a first cleaning phase, the beans are roasted to develop the aromas of our Swiss chocolate. We then crush the beans so as to obtain crane. These cocoa nibs are then passed through a cocoa mill which allows us to obtain a cocoa mass which is the basis of all our Swiss chocolate recipes. Next comes the mixing of ingredients and grinding. An important step which consists in reducing the size of the grains so as to no longer perceive the slightest particle in the mouth. To give our Swiss chocolate all its finesse and smoothness, it is necessary to subject the finely ground chocolate paste to the action of conches (or work vats): this is the conching stage. Finally, to guarantee a beautiful shine to our Swiss chocolate, the chocolate mass must be cooled and brought to the molding temperature (close to 30 degrees): this is tempering.
The know-how and passion of our Chocolate Craftsmen give Favarger Swiss chocolate an exceptional taste. Through this exceptional Swiss chocolate, it is our demand for quality and our passion that we share with you.
With 100% natural products, Favarger embodies the best of chocolate.

The Favarger quality charter

The quality requirement of all the raw materials used guarantees excellent taste. This is why Favarger is committed to respecting a demanding quality charter. For Favarger, the truth of taste carries the promise of the highest indulgence.
As a Chocolate Factory since 1826, we are proud to develop high quality products according to the following commitments:

100% - a number that is important to us at Favarger
100% of our production is carried out in Geneva in our Chocolate Factory
We control 100% of the manufacturing stages, from the selection of raw materials to the finished product
We roast and produce 100% of our chocolate masses
100% cocoa butter in our chocolates
100% of the milk used comes from Switzerland
All our aromas are 100% natural
100% of our products are GMO free, soy lecithin free, palm oil free

Optimal quality for our chocolates
We are looking for quality in all our processes: origin of ingredients, roasting, grinding, conching, tempering, packaging
Our quality commitment is supported by several international certifications (pioneer of ISO 22000 certification in Switzerland)
We keep an artisanal and semi-artisanal production
utz-corporate-logo-payoff-frenchBuying cocoa certified UTZ, we support sustainable cocoa production. www.utz.org