The Favarger professions

Valuable know-how

The transformation of the bean into chocolate requires complex know-how that Favarger has mastered with perfection and passion since 1826. The making of chocolate involves four major operations: roasting, grinding, conching and tempering.
The temperature and the duration of the roasting of the beans are precisely defined according to the batches. This step determines the quality of the chocolate. Experience counts as much as the adjustment of machines in this phase. The mastery of roasting, which applies to beans as well as to hazelnuts and almonds, allows Favarger to compose its assemblies freely according to the origin of its beans and according to its recipes.
The basic components of chocolate are mixed and then, passing between cylinders, reduced to particles. This powder is sent to kneaders called "conches" which transform it, then eliminating all the unwanted elements in order to develop the last chocolate notes, bringing roundness and harmony. The temperature and the long duration of conching are specific to each recipe and give each product the Favarger signature.