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White Chocolate Macadamia - 600g
83.00 CHF
Checkmark Freshly roasted Australian Macadamias
Checkmark Real white chocolate enrobing
Checkmark Beautiful reusable tinplate packaging


Australian macadamias have a distinctive rich sweetness and fruity flavor. Carefully enrobed in white chocolate, their flavor becomes even more prominent. All our chocolates are handmade in Geneva, Switzerland. We only use natural ingredients because we want the underlying flavors to shine through as much as possible. Taste the difference for yourself!

The rich, fruity flavor of Australian macadamias is further enhanced with our white chocolate enrobing. Incredibly addictive and fresh, because we’ve gently toasted them to a perfect crunch. We then enrobed them in a crisp caramelised shell for an extra bite and added fine white chocolate as the final touch.